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Objectives Of A Good Racial Reconciliation Speech

Racial reconciliation is the idea that the races can be brought back together to live in peace and harmony. It is an idea that has its roots in many religions, not just in Christianity. If you are asked to be a racial reconciliation speaker, you must first become acquainted with that which divides races and puts them at war with each other. Then you can formulate a motivational speech to unite them. Here are the objectives of a good racial reconciliation speech to get you started. 

Unite, Not Empathize

You are trying to unite people, not empathize with their perceptions of racial issues or the perceptions of racial issues from the viewpoint of other races. Try to avoid discussing that which divides them and the stereotypes that have been hyped, pedaled, and presented for decades. Focus on what good things can happen when people come together to help each other, and that will help formulate a better speech. 

Recognize What Everyone Can Contribute

Everyone can contribute something to a reconciliation of the races. Maybe one race can help elevate another. Maybe another race can help create understanding and compassion. It is not up to you, the speaker, to determine what those contributions are nor dictate to everyone what they should contribute. The races have to make a choice to be together and discover themselves what they can contribute to reconciliation. People of different races sitting together in the audience can spend some time working on some possible ideas of what they could contribute. 

Respect Culture, but Do Not Focus on Diversity

Diversity is something different from racial reconciliation. You have to avoid digging into material on diversity but still understand and respect culture. The biggest part of this is to first learn about the cultures of other races and what makes these cultural aspects so important and integral to each race. Then you can respectfully speak everyone without diverging into diversity, which would divert your speech away from the intended effect of racial reconciliation. 

Strength in Community

Community means that people are united and have the same goals. If you are talking about community, discuss the strength that greater numbers of people with common goals have and what happens when everyone works to make those goals come to fruition. Use some real-life examples, or look for visuals to use, such as breaking a single stick and then trying to break a bundle of sticks. The single stick breaks because it is not strong enough alone, but the bundle of sticks cannot be broken because they lend their strength to each other.

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