Don't Let Setbacks Keep You from Reaching Your Goals

Six Strategies To Re-Inspire And Motivate Your Staff

Are things at work slowing-down or do you feel like your staff are becoming disenfranchised at work? If you feel like your team might be lagging or lacking in motivation, do something to re-inspire them! Put some effort and planning into re-dedicating your staff to your company and mission.

Six strategies that can re-inspire and motivate your team are:

1.Hire a speaker. Re-dedicate your team to the company mission with a motivational speaker. Look for an innovative professional who can adapt their message to your team and business. This can give staff a fresh perspective and new attitude that is contagious!

2.Be clear about goals. Give your team goals, as well as the autonomy to reach them. Outline your goals clearly and tangibly, so that staff will get a sense of accomplishment from meeting them. This may also provoke a competitive air that may be conducive to productivity.  

3.Create solidarity. Get everyone on the same page as part of a unified team with a gesture of solidarity. Take the team to lunch, give them all company caps, or assign smaller groups for specific assignments. These strategies will create a sense of solidarity among work-peers.

4.Get your team vested. Make your staff vested in the overall well-being of your business. This may manifest in commissions, monetary incentives, or stock-options. When an employee feels that they can gain from the company's success, they will try harder on-the-job.

5.Head-out on a retreat. Plan a retreat to build leadership and foster a team mentality at work. Make sure to plan this off-site so that staff aren't distracted by the interruptions of the work-day. Assign a group at work to help plan and pull-off your event; also, make it special and go the extra-mile with things like accommodations, speakers, and the food!

6.Reward your staff. Staff members typically respond to rewards and positive reinforcement. Give your team prizes, promotional products, or bonuses for putting in efforts and meeting goals. These gestures show appreciation to those that work for you, which may encourage your team to work harder for the company.

Try these tactics to re-inspire and re-motivate your team at work. Augment these suggestions to fit your business-model, and the type of company that you have, and make your team feel valued and appreciated. It is far more productive to instill new inspiration in your staff than to reproach them for unmet goals or sub-par performance. 

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Don't Let Setbacks Keep You from Reaching Your Goals

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