Don't Let Setbacks Keep You from Reaching Your Goals

Coping With Cancer And Putting Positive Energy First

Maintaining a positive outlook is reported to be a fierce weapon when fighting a battle against a terminal disease like cancer. Letting go of negative energy can help foster positive energy, which may have healing properties and therapeutic benefits so you can survive cancer. Focus on channeling only positive vibes and healing energy when fighting illness or when helping others cope with medical diagnoses.

Some ways to embrace a positive attitude during this challenging time include the following:

Re-frame negative thoughts. It is believed that negative energy attracts negative energy; cutting back on the unproductive and non-therapeutic thoughts that cross your mind can create more healing, positive energy. This takes time to perfect, and it is natural to get down during medical issues and illness. Try to catch yourself when you begin thinking negatively, and try to re-frame the thought into a more positive and productive message.

Remain in the present. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future is pointless. You cannot change what has happened any more than you can control what is to occur in the future. Try to focus on today, this moment, and remain in the present. This can help prevent worrying or ruminating about your illness, which can lead to more negative energy.

Practice mindfulness. Make it a point to take pleasure in life's simplest joys. Remind yourself of things that bring happiness, such as the smell of spring, a loved one's touch, or a favorite food. 

Become a magnet for positive energy. Consider some alternative ways to attract positive energy during your illness. Some individuals believe in the healing properties of daily affirmations, while others may find that positive energy plates can help surround themselves with a therapeutic aura. Be open to ways that may seem unconventional, but that may help you adapt to a more positive mindset and healing energy.

Let go of negative people. The people that you choose to be around can have an impact on your healing energy. Let go of anyone that isn't supportive and positive; this might be challenging when those closest to you are discouraging or let you down. Put your energy into fostering relationships with people that lift you up and that make you feel stronger for the battle you are fighting.

There is some research that indicates the mindset impacts physical health and well-being that a positive attitude can have healing properties during times of illness. Work on changing the way you think about your situation and practice mindfulness daily. Letting go of negative energy makes room for positive energy to flow through you, potentially helping put cancer in a state of remission. 

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Don't Let Setbacks Keep You from Reaching Your Goals

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