Don't Let Setbacks Keep You from Reaching Your Goals

Turn to the Web for Life-Changing Personal Development

Being committed to personal development is an ideal way to better deal with relationships, enjoy improved performance at work, or simply share the best version of yourself with those around you. Although many people turn to self-help books and therapy sessions as methods to improve themselves, there's plenty of top-notch motivational material online, too. Online resources don't necessarily serve as an equal alternative to seeking the help of a qualified professional, for example, but can often contain information that sparks an idea in your mind and encourages you to make a change. Here are three area that contain a wealth of personal development information.

Online Video Sites

Sure, you might typically view cute cat videos, but don't write off online videos as merely a provider of entertainment. Where personal development is concerned, video sites have countless hours of material in the form of professional and homemade videos, speeches, vlogs, and courses. You can search a broad term such as "personal development" to find a long list of related videos, or get more specific with a topic that interests you, such as becoming more confident, understanding why you react in certain ways or improving your overall quality of life.


Reading someone's firsthand account of a personal development topic, whether it's working on self-esteem or losing weight, can drastically help you make adjustments in your own life, and there's no better way to enter into others' lives than by browsing blogs. Search a keyword that interests you along with the search term "blog," and you'll have more results than you can read in one sitting. When you find blogs that you enjoy reading, leave a comment for the author or, better yet, click to "follow" the blog so you'll receive an email every time the author publishes a new post.


If you haven't entered the world of podcasts, plenty of life-changing motivation is waiting. Best of all, you can do your research online, download your episodes of interest to your smartphone or MP3 player, and then get some inspiration during your commute to work, while you visit the gym or take the dog on a walk around the block. You can search by category, and there are plenty of offerings in the self-help realm. You can also browse the charts for each desired category, allowing you to find the podcasts that are resonating with others. Subscribe to the podcasts that tickle your fancy and you'll never miss an episode.

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Don't Let Setbacks Keep You from Reaching Your Goals

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